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Explained: Talking points from the Barcelona general assembly



Photo via Imago

The general assembly of Barcelona delegate members took place on the 21st of June 2021, after last year’s gathering was not feasible due to complications raised by the COVID-19 pandemic. Plenty of issues were discussed in the assembly, led by president Joan Laporta, but also attended by former board members such as Jordi Moix, ex-president Joan Gaspart and so on.

One of the major issues, of course, was to discuss solving the economic issues plaguing the club, and approving the budget for the 2020-21 season and gathering explanations for the 2019-20 season budget, explained by the previous economic vice-president Moix.

The budget for the current season was approved by the members’ majority vote of 78%, with a revenue of 828 million euros, 796 million of which have been charted out for expenses, leaving a positive balace of 32 million euros with a one million profit after taxes.

The members then approved a loan to refinance the debt for 525 million euros, which will be dealt with through the American company Goldman Sachs, allowing the club some ‘breathing room’ as stated by Laporta. Current economic VP Eduard Romeu explained that the current adjusted debt has risen to 1.04 billion euros, and that is not solely owing to the pandemic.

Laporta also explained that the previous board of directors is not in the clear after the budget approval, and if there are discrepancies found, due action will be taken. The previous board’s shady dealings are very well known, and reports about illegal files and false contracts also broke out recently.

Another important issue that was discussed by the assembly was about the European Super League. Barcelona continue to be in favour of the competition, but the member vote regarding the issue will have to wait till there is more clarity on the project.

Laporta promised to turn all the club’s problems on their head, stating that: “…Barça will be loved and admired everywhere again, joy will return to Barça and so we can all touch glory again and continue to make history.”

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