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Barça Universal is for everyone. Respect and curiosity are two of the few indispensable requirements as diversity of opinions and sharing of knowledge are always encouraged. Therefore, to promote such openness and variety, we are continuously on the lookout for gifted writers. Quality and uniqueness are tantamount to our success.

If you are looking to express yourself and writing and sport are your passion, Barça Universal offers you the perfect platform to fuel your interests and take part in an intelligent debate with thousands of other enthusiastic people. Experience or a deep background are not strictly required, but maturity, originality and transparency are. All opinions are welcome as long as they are backed by sensible arguments and smart reasoning. The objective of our team is to bring hidden stories, enlightening perspectives and valuable wisdom with great detail to our readers.

If you consider you can provide such listed traits, we will certainly be excited to have you with us. Always favouring diversity, at Barça Universal there is a wide range of categories for potential contributors to choose from:


At Barça Universal, we do not aim to exclusively transmit facts to the users, but to explain the reasons behind them. The what does not matter as much as the why . Thus, whether you work with data or want to write detailed reports on players, teams or under-the-radar prospects, we are interested in you if you can share your knowledge with acute technical, tactical and / or statistical detail.

Matches and stories

Match reviews, previews or anything related to specific games all play a big part in our website. However, rather than simply exposing the events, we support singular perspectives and an exclusive style that seeks to give extra substance to the mere reality that everyone can see. Unique storytelling skills are greatly appreciated, whether it is to narrate a match or to provide unknown anecdotes on the past or present.


Barça Universal always intends to provoke intelligent and enlightening debate. It is the sharing of ideas through different points of view what opens people’s minds the most, as long as they are taken with our requirements of respect and curiosity. From discussing about the quality or suitability of a player or coach, to reviewing some decisions or occurrences, just free your mind, speak your heart and let the words flow.

Barça Femení

While the audience for the men’s team is huge, every single side or section of Barcelona has a place here. Barça Universal wants to be pioneers in giving utmost importance to the Femení team. This community always intends to combat discrimination, but, apart from this, women’s football exhibits some values, passion and qualities that cannot be found in football’s most popular variant. Whether you follow Barça Femení and its games regularly, have a strong interest in its development, or specialise in international women’s football, here we will give as much visibility as possible to such work and enthusiasm.

La Masía

La Masía is one of Barcelona’s most precious assets. The future of the club lies in its academy, and fans that follow it regularly all share the excitement of seeing how young talents with little media attention develop into stars in the top flight. From the Prebenjamín all the way to Barça B, both for men’s and women’s football, in the La Masía section we attempt to cover promising gems, golden generations and fascinating coaches.

Barça Basket and sections

Barça is not only football, nor is Barça Universal. While, admittedly, football is the most covered and the most attractive sport for the majority of this community, other sections are truly captivating and attractive too. Even if they tend to grab less attention, the love for Barça found in these teams remains intact. If you are a basketball fan, we will allow you to connect with others with the same interest. If you are a handball, futsal or roller hockey’s fan, we will make sure to spread and increase such sympathy.


As well as in our website, we are continuously looking to expand our team on Twitter, which we give a lot of weight as it is an invaluable hub to connect interests and people. In our aim to share precise information and relevant knowledge, we try to be as active and as transparent as possible in our Twitter account. If you can update our followers with consistency while you also have an eye for detecting reliable news, Barça Universal has a place for you too.

In our search for quality and uniqueness, do not hesitate to contact and speak to us if you are interested in joining our community as a writer or content producer. Email us to [email protected] , with an application as detailed as possible, and we will make sure to reply within 48 hours.