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Rakitić would be delighted to have Lautaro Martinez on his team



Photo by Alex Caparros/Getty Images

Rakitić recently told in an interview that he would be very happy to have Inter Milan forward Lautaro Martinez on his side.

“If Lautaro joins, I’d be delighted. I have nothing to do with it. What I want is to think about Barça, but I have never closed doors to make a big change.”, said the Barça midfielder.

When asked whether president Bartomeu has spoken to him regarding the transfer rumors that have popped up recently, he said:

“No, Bartomeu hasn’t spoken to me. Maybe Bartomeu is listening to the interview, he can still call me, perhaps tomorrow. You can always talk to me. I am happy to be back at training and to wear the Barça shirt again.”, sending a small message to the president.

“Rumors? I’m used to seeing my name appear, it’s nothing new. I would have liked, of course, that the president or Abidal or whoever said it, to say we have nothing to talk about here. But I’m happy and that’s the most important thing.

“When I sign a contract, I want to fulfill it… But I also want to play. Sooner or later, me and my family will be living in Sevilla again. It’s almost certain.”

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