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Lautaro Martínez has become Barça’s priority transfer



Photo by FRIEDEMANN VOGEL/POOL/AFP via Getty Images

Big changes are on the way in the Catalan capital. Ronald Koeman is the new coach and he will demand new signings, meaning many of the old guard have to go. And while we still don’t know all of his plans, we do know Lautaro Martínez has become Barça’s priority transfer.

At least that’s what the local papers are saying as of late. Luis Suárez is presumably nearing the end of his stint at the club and Inter’s El Toro is the chosen one to replace him.

The Uruguayan has one year left on his contract, and then another one that will activate automatically if he plays 60% of the official matches. Still, Suárez is adamant that he wants to continue until his contract runs out and then, if Barcelona don’t want him, he can leave for free.

However, this doesn’t seem to be what the club have in mind. The team is struggling and old so changes are needed now, not in a year or two. For that reason, Lautaro has become Barça’s priority transfer.

The Argentine forward is young, energetic and the board seem to like him a lot and he likes Barcelona as well. But the biggest takeaway is this: Lautaro won’t arrive as long as Suárez is still here.

So in order to buy, Barcelona will first have to sell. But can they actually do it? That’s still very much the biggest question around.

Source: Mundo Deportivo

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