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Barcelona to closely monitor players’ off-hour activities amid recurring injury concerns



Photo by ANDER GILLENEA/AFP via Getty Images

In Barcelona, there is a prevailing sense of concern stemming from the recurring injuries players are facing.

The numerous muscular injuries sustained by Barça players in recent times have led to increased criticism of the medical team.

Now, SPORT’s Toni Juanmarti has come out to highlight the fact that the medical staff is starting to emphasize increased attention to the workout routines of the players and their activities carried out in off-hours.

More monitoring

Disdain from the fanbase has undeniably grown following the constant injury cycles players have begun to endure.

With the likes of Pedri, Ronald Araujo, and several others caught up in an injury loop, the finger is starting to be pointed toward the medical staff.

In response, the club has stepped up monitoring of all of its systems and procedures, paying meticulous attention to the players’ training regimes.

Pedri’s injuries are causing worry at Barcelona. (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

Most importantly, they have increased the scrutiny of the independent physical effort performed by the players.

The majority of players rely on personal training programs to build muscle bulk, increase their explosiveness, or do whatever else they believe they should improve, despite the fact that this is generally a “taboo” topic that does not sit well in clubs.

Social media is playing a role

Players can fail to fully disclose to the club the “extra” activities they engage in. In part, to prevent a potential veto in the event that the institution opposes their decision. So much so that many even refrain from publishing anything on social media.

Some of those who participate in them have received questions and information requests from the club, effectively “inviting” them to adhere to all guidelines established with Barça’s physical trainers.

In the absence of any written formal regulation, athletes with prior experience in other top-tier European leagues frequently decide to combine their club training with external activities.

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