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Barcelona refused to accept €20 million from Atletico Madrid for Griezmann in the summer



Photo by Lars Baron/Getty Images

Even as the issue between Barcelona and Atletico Madrid over Antoine Griezmann’s permanent transfer drags on, more details about the situation are coming to light.

The 31-year-old signed for Atletico on loan from Barça in the summer of 2021 with a permanent purchase obligation for €40 million.

The agreement was said to be for a one-year loan deal with an option for an extension by another year. And Los Rojiblancos would have to pay €40 million and sign him permanently if Griezmann played 45 minutes or more in 50% of the matches he was available for.

During his first season back at the Metropolitano, Griezmann played 80% of the matches, and Barcelona believe that with that they are already due the €40 million payment from Atletico. However, their rivals do not see it the same way as they think that the condition must be met across the two years on loan.

That is why they tried to negotiate a lower fee for Griezmann in the summer, reports Cadena SER. Indeed, it is claimed that Atletico Madrid offered €20 million to Barcelona for the permanent purchase of the Frenchman, but Barcelona quickly shot down the proposal.

But with the Rojiblancos keen on avoiding paying the €40 million fee, they started regulating Griezmann’s minutes in the new season, playing him for thirty minutes or less in each of their matches so far.

Even though Diego Simeone has admitted that his team is better with the 31-year-old on the pitch, he will follow the club’s instructions on the matter and keep bringing him on after the 60th-minute mark so that Atletico do not activate the €40 million permanent purchase clause.

But, as iterated earlier, as far as Barcelona are concerned, the Frenchman is already an Atletico Madrid player and they are owed the full €40 million fee and the Catalans are prepared to take legal action to enforce matters.

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