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Three accusations towards ex-Barcelona boss Xavi Hernandez while he remains silent



Photo by Fran Santiago/Getty Images

It has been a significant amount of time since Xavi was let go by Barcelona and even though Hansi Flick has been appointed as the new manager, Xavi continues to be in the spotlight for negative reasons.

Since his departure, the former manager has faced a lot of criticism and blame. The latest person to criticize him is Ronald Koeman, the manager of the Netherlands national team. 

Before Koeman spoke up, there were already many issues that plagued Xavi’s time at Barcelona.

Frenkie de Jong’s injury is on Xavi 

One of the biggest points of contention is the injury to Frenkie de Jong. A few days ago, Koeman expressed his frustration about de Jong’s physical condition. 

He accused Barcelona and Xavi of not taking proper care of de Jong, which has caused him to miss the upcoming Euros. Koeman mentioned that de Jong has a history of injuries, and Barcelona took risks with his health. 

Ronald Koeman said Xavi and Barcelona did not manage Frenkie de Jong’s injury. (Photo by JOHN THYS/AFP via Getty Images)

This, according to Koeman, has put the Netherlands in a tough spot. He specifically blamed Xavi for de Jong’s recurring ankle injury.

“Frenkie de Jong has a history with this injury and his club has taken risks with him. That leaves us in a bad situation,” said Koeman.

Lack of physical preparation 

Another major issue during Xavi’s tenure was the lack of physical preparation. Injuries and the physical condition of players were frequently cited as problems. 

Some players complained that their training sessions under Xavi were too short, lasting barely an hour. 

Reports have surfaced that players had asked Xavi to make their training more intense. Interestingly, many players had their own personal trainers, which they used to improve their physical fitness.

This is something that even Joan Laporta pointed out in an interview, saying, “We believe that with a more well-rounded team and with the physical point it needs… The team needs more preparation. 

“We believe that with Flick the team can gain a point of physical strength, which is what he lacked to win.”

Mismanagement of players 

Vitor Roque’s agent criticised Xavi for player mismanagement. (Photo by Juan Manuel Serrano Arce/Getty Images)

Furthermore, player management was also a significant problem under Xavi. Players have raised their concerns not only about the physical training but also about Xavi’s management style. 

For instance, Ronald Araujo was one of the players who spoke out after Xavi left, making it clear that there were issues. 

Some agents have also criticized Xavi’s handling of playing time and his treatment of players. One of the harshest critics was the agent of Vitor Roque, who had previously pointed out these issues.

Despite all the criticism, Xavi has remained silent and diplomatic. He is proud of his work at Barcelona, a club he considers his home. He has a clear conscience and believes he did his best, even though he is aware of the criticisms against him.

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