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Official: Barcelona’s salary cap set at €270 million, drops from €648 million in February



Photo by David Ramos/Getty Images

Today, La Liga announced the salary cap limits for clubs after the culmination of the summer transfer window, and it is not all good news for Barcelona.

As per the official figures released, the Catalan giants’ salary cap has dropped from €648 million in February earlier this year to only €270 million.

This limit was €656 million for Barça in September 2022 and €648 million, in February 2023, but has now dropped to just €270 million.

This limit is the maximum amount that the club can spend during the season after all the operations carried out in the summer and it will dictate the club’s plans of operation for the winter window.

It includes spending on players, the coach, assistant coach, other coaches, and fitness coaches of the first team (eligible squad) and spending on the reserve team, the youth academy, and the other sporting sections.

It was yet another difficult summer window for Barça, during which they had to make several manoeuvres in order to achieve the Fair Play margin to sign and register new players.

With no economic levers to rely on like last year, the Catalans parted ways with quite a few players and reduced their wage bill by €161.7 million, with the new salary bill standing at around €405 million.

But with the salary cap set at €270 million, the club’s current salaries are €134 million more than the number required by La Liga, almost 50%.

This would essentially mean that Barcelona will only be able to spend 50% of any revenue they generate and any wages they release from their payroll.

Given the situation, it remains to be seen how the Catalans’ plans for the winter window are affected.

Real Madrid have the highest salary cap in La Liga, set at €727 million while Alaves have the lowest, set at €31 million.

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