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Leaked: Details of Barcelona’s special 125-year anniversary jersey and logo design



Photo by David Ramos/Getty Images

In 2024, FC Barcelona will complete 125 years from the date of its inception. 29th November 1899 was the date the club was officially created, and the years that followed saw it slowly climb up the ranks of Europe’s elite.

The 125th anniversary, needless to say, calls for a huge celebration. In the buildup to the same, Nike has come up with a new design for the designer 2024-25 shirt and a new emblem to commemorate the occasion.

An exotic logo

As revealed by Footy Headlines, Barcelona’s upcoming special collection sees a novel anniversary logo imprinted in between the club’s crest and Nike’s logo.

It consists of two distinct parts, the outer circle and the inner details.

The emblem boasts of a distinct external circle adorned by the name of the club and the years of operation, i.e 1899-2024.

Inside the circle is an outline of Barcelona’s logo inside which an artistic addition of the number 125 is highlighted. The logo will be a constant feature in the centre of all of Barcelona’s kits for the upcoming season.

The shirt in itself sports the usual garnet and blue colours, albeit not in stripes. The jersey features one half to be in garnet and the other half in blue, much like the iconic jersey during the 1999-2000 season.

A possible touch from Nike

The aforementioned design is one chosen and created by the club officials and will certainly feature on the final jerseys. However, the same outlet adds that Nike could add a special touch of their own.

Footy Headline displays images of a special touch of the number 125 printed on the left sleeve of the shirt. Whether both, or only one of the logos features remains to be seen. After all, Nike and Barcelona have not been seeing eye to eye in recent weeks.

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