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Heartwarming scenes: Barcelona fans rally behind Xavi in emotional Rayo Vallecano clash



Photo by MANAURE QUINTERO/AFP via Getty Images

During Barcelona’s 3-0 win over Rayo Vallecano, the Blaugrana supporters rallied behind Xavi Hernandez for the team’s future plans.

Throughout the match, the coach received overwhelming support and warmth from the fans, especially in the final moments of the game. 

According to MARCA, chants of “Xavi Hernandez, oé, oé, oé, Xavi Hernandez, oé, oé” echoed through the stands, a testament to the fans’ desire for his continuity at the club. 

Earlier in the match, there were sporadic chants supporting Xavi and criticizing the board, but they were not widespread and were quickly subdued by the majority of fans.

‘Xavi, yes, Laporta, no; Barça, yes, Laporta, no: and Laporta, resign,’ shouted the fans.

Tension within Barcelona 

The atmosphere within the club is tense mostly because recent events have tarnished both the club’s image and that of Xavi, adding another layer of complexity to the ongoing project. 

Relations between the board and the coach have soured, with reports of discontent stemming from Xavi’s remarks about the club’s financial constraints.

Barcelona fans want Xavi to continue. (Photo by David Ramos/Getty Images)

The president took particular offence to Xavi’s comments, interpreting them as a lack of faith in the team’s abilities. There are rumblings of Xavi’s potential dismissal, despite his recent ratification as the coach.

While the president has not directly confronted Xavi, tensions are palpable. A meeting between the two is imminent, with discussions possibly occurring within the next few hours.

What next for Xavi and Barcelona?

Xavi’s remarks have pushed the board to reconsider his position, despite his recent confirmation as coach until 2025. However, throughout this turmoil, the fans have remained steadfast in their support of Xavi. 

Even amidst the uncertainty, they stand behind their coach, demonstrating their unwavering loyalty during the recent match at the Lluis Companys Olympic Stadium.

For now, nothing is certain and only the meeting between Xavi and Laporta will decide the fate and continuity of the former. Amidst all this, though, it is certain that fans are his complete support of Xavi.

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