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Departed Barcelona midfielder in anger: “When I received the termination I did not believe it”



Photo via Imago

Former Barcelona midfielder Matheus Fernandes has hit out at the club over the termination of his contract and the general treatment that was meted out to him.

Fernandes had signed for Barcelona last year from Brazilian club Palmeiras but managed just a single appearance for the first team during the 2020/21 campaign.

The 23-year-old then saw his contract being unilaterally terminated by the Catalan giants earlier this summer as they sought to trim down their wage bill.

The decision to do so did not sit well with Fernandes, who took up legal action against the Blaugrana. Having now returned to Palmeiras again, on a free transfer, the midfielder voiced his anger and frustration over he was treated in Catalonia, in a recent interview. (h/t MARCA)

Speaking about how the termination of his contract as a bolt out of the blue, Fernandes said: “I did not know it, and when I received it I did not believe it. I was at home, I was with my wife, I received a message from the club asking if I had the same email address, I confirmed it and then I received it.”

“I did not understand it, I sent it to my manager and lawyer. They said it was the termination of my contract. Some time passed and my name was in the press. No conversation, nothing, they didn’t even call me to say hello and goodbye.”

Fernandes spoke about how he felt by the entire episode, with the Barcelona board going ahead with the decision without even speaking to him. “I don’t know what the board did. It costs nothing, call to talk, I think they were very unprofessional. They were bad, it was ugly from the club. I don’t even know how it happened, I left it to my lawyers,” he said.

The 23-year-old also alleged that he was not treated well by the club upon his arrival, which left him upset. “I always had the dream of playing for Barcelona when I was a kid. When I signed for them, they didn’t treat me like a footballer. I told the Sporting Director, who did not treat me like a professional player.

“I wanted to be treated equally. The other signings had a presentation and I did not. I was a bit upset. Seeing it from the outside I thought one thing and when I got there they treated me differently,” he added.

Fernandes is now looking to resurrect his career in Brazil with Palmeiras and insisted that his ill-fated tenure at Barcelona would not hamper his career growth. “I know my potential. It is not the club that is going to tarnish my career. I’m going to work at Palmeiras, train hard and play hard. There are still many things to happen, I can become an idol of Palmeiras.”

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