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Champions League-winning manager no longer a priority for Barcelona because of one key reason



Photo by THOMAS KIENZLE/AFP via Getty Images

Barcelona’s interest in signing Hansi Flick as Xavi’s replacement is not a secret. 

The German is said to be among a host of candidates that the Blaugrana are considering, but if a report from SPORT is to be believed, their interest in the former Bayern Munich manager has now taken a backseat for one major reason.

It is to be noted that Flick’s emergence as a candidate for the Barcelona job happened after his successful tenure at Bayern where he clinched numerous titles.

However, despite his credentials, Barcelona have reservations about him, making him less of a favoured choice. 

Furthermore, despite persistent efforts from his agent, Pini Zahavi, to secure his appointment, the club, following a thorough evaluation, has concluded that Flick might not be the most suitable candidate, even though his name remains in consideration.

What’s the problem?

Barcelona’s reservations regarding Flick extend beyond his limited coaching experience outside Germany or his challenging stint as the German national coach. The key concern lies in his historical reluctance to place confidence in young players. 

Particularly at Bayern, he consistently favoured established players, sidelining less experienced talents—a practice incompatible with Barcelona’s emphasis on promoting and showcasing La Masia’s young talents.

Barcelona have identified one problem with Hansi Flick. (Photo by Alex Grimm/Getty Images)

Given the financial constraints and the club’s commitment to nurturing homegrown talent, Barcelona insist that the incoming coach must prioritize and provide opportunities for young players developed within the club’s youth system. 

Flick remains interested

Since he departed from the German national team, Flick has been available, expressing his interest in Barcelona after the announcement of Xavi’s departure.

While his initial offer was unsuccessful, he took the assistance of Zahavi, a well-connected representative in both Bayern and Barcelona, to navigate negotiations with the two clubs. 

Although Flick has shown a keen willingness to join Barcelona, the club recognizes that his appointment might only materialize if their primary choices fall through.

Right now, it is evident that Flick is not the primary priority for Barcelona, and there are indications that Bayern are also inclined to move away from considering him, despite his previous success. 

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