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Barcelona’s win against Rayo Vallecano likely to ensure Xavi’s continuity – report



Photo by David Ramos/Getty Images

A report from SPORT has revealed that Barcelona’s 3-0 victory over Rayo Vallecano has improved the chances of Xavi’s continuing as the team’s coach, despite recent tension between him and the club management.

It is suggested that after the match on Sunday, Barcelona president, Joan Laporta, met with Xavi in the locker room. 

This meeting was highly anticipated due to the recent friction caused by Xavi’s comments before the game against Almeria, which had angered the president

Interestingly enough, the meeting after the match did not address the topic of Xavi’s future with the club.

What did Laporta and Xavi discuss?

The meeting followed their usual routine, where they discussed the game’s outcome. This time, Laporta congratulated Xavi on the victory, which secured second place in the league and guaranteed a spot in next year’s Spanish Super Cup. 

This achievement met the club’s minimum expectations, as they had no chance of winning other titles this season.

A supporter held a sign reading “Xavi, stay !!” during Barcelona vs Rayo Vallecano. (Photo by MANAURE QUINTERO/AFP via Getty Images)

The issue of Xavi’s comments or his potential dismissal was not brought up. Laporta plans to hold a more conclusive meeting with Xavi after the final league game against Sevilla to decide on his future and discuss plans moving forward.

Fans want Xavi to continue

The events at Montjuic against Rayo Vallecano have positively impacted Xavi’s prospects for next season. 

The team’s solid performance and the fans’ support for Xavi played a significant role. During the match, fans chanted for Xavi to stay and even expressed opposition to the club president, showing clear support for the coach.

Additionally, as time passes, the intensity of Laporta’s initial frustration with Xavi’s comments is likely to fade. 

Although Laporta was deeply disappointed by Xavi’s remarks, his enthusiasm for making a change may diminish. 

However, it goes without saying that Xavi now needs to be more cautious in his upcoming press conferences, as any controversial statements could reignite tensions.

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