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Barcelona’s financial audit report: Messi renewal and signing a top player remain priority



Photo via Imago

Lionel Messi’s ground breaking interview with GOAL in the summer of 2020 sent shockwaves to the core of the football world. He admitted his desire to leave and admitted that he was kept a prisoner at the club by Josep Bartomeu — not in those words of course. Among the several positives, it acted as the catalyst in the resignation of Bartomeu and his board.

Fast forward to March 2021, the club hosted elections where Joan Laporta returned to power, propelling clear of Victor Font and Tony Freixa. While the three men had different campaigns, the core idea for all three was to bring the club back to financial stability. Well, it seems we have out first big update, courtesy of COPE.

They report that Laporta’s staff finalised the first financial audit of their tenure, with a prospective loss of over €350 million in 2021/22 headlining the report. However, it is expected that 2022/23 will reap economic benefits, which obviously comes with a huge asterisk thanks to COVID-19. The big update it that the narrative presupposes that the new board will get Lionel Messi to renew his contract, and that Barcelona will sign a top player in the summer.

The top player in question has been the one and only Erling Haaland. The Borussia Dortmund wondered has taken Europe by storm since his arrival, which only makes his departure all too inevitable. Barcelona, among several others, have been linked to him, but Mino Raiola has already dropped hints about where he will not want his client to go — Manchester.

As for the Messi renewal – that dream is much closer to becoming a reality than it was some months ago. Ronald Koeman has revitalised the side with a switch in the structure, pushing them to the final of the Copa del Rey and reviving them in the race for La Liga. Not to mention his relationship with Laporta — which was on display during the inauguration — certainly helps the cause of the Catalan giants.

This June is bound to the most critical summer transfer window in the history of the club, with some renewals, big departures, promotions, and signings on the way. A lot to be excited for, even if it does not go the way fans hope it will.

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