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Watch: Bayern Munich 3-0 Barcelona, Match Discussion



That’s that for Barcelona in this season’s Champions League. Barça will now play in the Europa League this season. It is one the saddest days in the history of the club, in what has been a very turbulent last few season’s. Barcelona must now start from scratch, and have the perfect man in charge to do so, Xavi Hernández.

Barcelona started the game well, and throughout the 90 minutes were not exactly awful, but certainly did not show enough to beat Bayern Munich on the night, who calmly picked the Catalans off. In addition, Benfica were very soon in control of their fixture against Dynamo Kyiv, meaning that by half time, Barcelona had little to no hope of remaining in this season’s Champions League.

Revolution? A New Era? Whatever you want to call it, Barcelona needs change. It’s been the case for quite a few years now, and in games like Wednesday night’s, we find ourselves repeating what we have already said several times in the past. Barcelona needs a cleanse, and structural changes made to the team on a close to severe level, led by the right men.

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