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Two reasons why Gavi will not leave Barcelona on a free summer transfer



Photo by Alex Caparros/Getty Images

La Liga has officially deregistered Barcelona midfielder Gavi from the current roster after the Commercial Court number 10 of Barcelona dismissed the appeal made by the team to keep the youngster within the first team.

The decision changes everything for the player, including his shirt number, which will now be reverted to 30. It must be noted that while he is still eligible to play for the first team, he will do so under the terms of his previous contract, which he signed in September last year until 2026 while being an academy player.

In the latest development, Spanish news outlet SPORT has claimed that Barcelona plan to ‘present a new appeal before the Provincial Court of Barcelona’

Interestingly enough, if Barcelona fail to register the young midfielder by the end of June, they will be at risk of losing him for free.

For whatever reason, Barcelona decided to include a clause in his new contract which stated that the player can leave Barcelona for free if the Blaugrana fail to register him as a first-team player by June 30, 2023.

What is working in Barcelona’s favour, though, remains the fact that Gavi is not even thinking of any other team. He wants to continue at Barça and he knows that the team shares the same thought.

On the other hand, everyone is aware that Barcelona are working on reducing their wage bill before July and for this, the team is ready to take drastic measures; even if this involves selling some high-earning members.

Thankfully for Gavi, he will not be a part of this particular operation.

It must be remembered that on January 31, a Barcelona court ordered a temporary injunction that forced La Liga to register Gavi as a first-team member.

At the same time, the Blaugrana were ordered to file a separate case to explain how they intend to establish a permanent solution to the issue at hand.

Barcelona filed the briefing on March 2 and La Liga were quick to point out that the team had missed the deadline. The court released its orders in La Liga’s favour. 

To this day, Barcelona continue to claim that they submitted the necessary documents on time and as of today, they intend to make a further appeal.

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