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Setién: ‘Messi will end his career at Barcelona’



Photo by Imago

Barcelona coach Quique Setién recently gave an interview to rac1, where he speaks about Lionel Messi, Coutinho, Dembélé, and La Masia. He said that ‘he doesn’t have problems with interviews at all’, but that ‘sometimes his words are misinterpreted’ or ‘taken out of context’.

Currently, Setién claims that he keeps the team in form by sending exercises.

Setién: “Every day we send specific exercises for the players and everyone is keeping up. They’re professionals and they know the drill. When we return to training, everything will continue like the way it was. I don’t know when we will be training again. But based on what the media says, it doesn’t look like we’ll be returning any time soon.

Also, Setién insists on video-calls, he says:

“I insist on live video conference calls to see if my players’ cheeks have become bigger (laughs).”

On Lionel Messi, Setién was very clear: “Messi will end his career at Barcelona.”

Previously, the Argentine legend has claimed that ‘it is harder to win the Champions League than La Liga’, and that ‘it takes a little more for the team to win it righ tnow’. Setién, disagrees:

“I do not agree with Leo Messi. It is harder to win the league than it is to win the Champions League. As things progress, it is not impossible that we win the Champions League when we resume.”

His player Coutinho, who has had problems at fitting in the team since his arrival from Liverpool, is ‘requested to stay’ by the coach.

Setién: “I don’t know what Coutinho wants to do. Maybe I should talk to him and convince him to stay. He’s a great player no doubt. However, I’m relying on the fact that Coutinho will be here next season.”

Setién continued his words on Ousmane Dembélé:

“Démbélé’s injury was totally unexpected and really hindered our progress. Perhaps I would have kept Carles Perez had I been appointed earlier. Ousmane is a great player. We count on him.”

“At Barcelona, the objective is to win everything. But sometimes that makes you wonder whether you should concentrate on the present or on the future.

“Many people expect Barça to easily win all games, but it’s not like that. Winning isn’t as easy as people think.”

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