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Retired commissioner claims he was assigned to spy on former Barcelona president



Photo by Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/Getty Images

In a stunning new revelation, retired commissioner Jose Manuel Villarejo has recently made a statement, revealing he was assigned to spy on Sandro Rossel, former Barcelona president.

This has been reported by Cronica Libre, who claims to have heard recordings of Villarejo’s testimony. The recording confirms Villarejo was not only spying on Rossell but the entire Barcelona football club.

He further revealed the existence of the notorious “Negreira case“, a scandal that has dominated headlines and news broadcasts in recent times. According to Villarejo, he had uncovered evidence of this case as early as 2012 and 2014 and had promptly reported it to his superiors in the police and the Ministry of the Interior.

However, shockingly, the investigations and subsequent legal actions were allegedly dismissed due to the involvement of Real Madrid.

Villarejo claims that this crucial information was written and sent to the Ministry, but it was politically deemed uninteresting to pursue the case further.

The implications of this revelation are profound, as it calls into question the fairness and integrity of the investigations against FC Barcelona and Sandro Rosell, and any subsequent cases derived from them.

Not to mention, it calls into question Real Madrid’s integrity, especially with the way they have reacted to allegations against Barcelona, over the Negreira scandal.

Villarejo’s testimony should raise numerous questions, starting from the identity of the individual or authority that ordered the espionage on Barcelona, to the number of court cases that were pursued against Barça through illegal espionage.

The Barcelona community, therefore, will surely be eager to listen to responses from the Prosecutor’s Office and the former members of the Rajoy Government, demanding accountability for these alleged illegal actions.

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