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Report: Messi told Laporta that he wants to stay at Barcelona




Photo by GABRIEL BOUYS/AFP via Getty Images

According to Veronica Brunati, an Argentine journalist, Lionel Messi has told presidential candidate Joan Laporta that he wants to stay at the club. The news was communicated via Radio Marca.

“I know that Messi has informed Laporta about his desire to stay at the club,” Brunati claimed. Considering the fact that Messi looked to have lost his motivation on the pitch in recent games for Barcelona, this report came relieving to Culés. However, according to the same journalist, “things can change in the coming weeks”.

It is no secret that Messi looks demotivated, especially in his most recent games with Barcelona. The Argentine stated that he wanted to leave in the latest transfer window, but Bartomeu blocked his move, and ‘did not hold his promise’. The president had told him that he could leave at any moment, thanks to how much he has added to the club in the past 16 years.

Having said so, Barcelona has always been Messi’s beloved club, and despite every rumour that has emerged around the legend in the past, Messi stayed. It is believed that his claims regarding a transfer move out of the club came in order to ‘put pressure on Bartomeu’, who has been demolishing the club’s legacy over the past years.

If a promising president will take over the board at the Catalan club, there is no reason for Messi not to stay. Messi and Barcelona lived golden times during Laporta’s earlier reign, with Pep Guardiola as a coach. Despite the fact that Guardiola’s return is not possible because he recently renewed his contract, with a good sporting project, Messi would be more than happy to stay and continue his legacy at Barcelona — and Brunati’s report only confirms this idea.

Everyone has some kind of passion. For me, it is FC Barcelona. I started to write stories about the club I support in 2017, and have been lucky enough to be part of such a wonderful team.


Barça News

Barcelona have spent a record 1 billion Euros in last five seasons

Domagoj Kostanjšak



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At this point, practically everyone not living under a rock knows Barcelona are struggling financially. Part of that issue is certainly the ongoing pandemic, which has put more than just a dent in everyone’s wallets. However, the other part of that problem was also self-inflicted when it comes to the Catalan giants.

According to Carrusel Deportivo‘s latest report, Barcelona have spent a record one billion euros in the last five seasons on the market. They’ve gathered the information from Transfermarkt and their data source of spendings to create a list of teams who have spent the most in recent times.

And with a total of 1.057 million euros thrown down the drain, Barcelona have convincingly taken the first spot. Of course, this is not exactly a race you want to be leading or winning, for that matter. Manchester City are just behind them with €952M and Juventus are third with €941M.

Interestingly, Real Madrid are the ones who have lost the least amount, ‘only’ €47M, which is indeed pocket change compared to Barcelona’s €367M. Still, it has to be noted that the Catalans are also the club with the second-highest income in the last five years, €690M to be more precise, but that is so heavily outweighed by the losses that it hardly makes a difference.

When we take all of that into account, it really does become crystal clear why they are in such a mess in the first place. Needless to say, whoever wins the elections in less than a week’s time will have a mountain to climb to get the club out of this mess.

But we should also understand that kind of a job is not something you can solve quickly. It may take a couple of seasons of good and sensible business to bring Barcelona back from the brink.

Still, it is possible and with the right leadership, it should inevitably happen.

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