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Official: Manchester City withdraw from the European Super League

Udhav Arora



Florentino Perez’s 12-year plan in the making has been blown away in the dust as clubs in the space of a few hours. What started with a protest outside Stamford Bridge ahead of their game vs Brighton has turned into an official confirmation from Manchester City, who have withdrawn their name from contention from the European Super League.

Pep Guardiola already spoke about this earlier today, stating that, “Sport is not a sport when the success is guaranteed, and when the relationship between the effort and reward don’t exist. It’s not a sport when it doesn’t matter if you lose. It’s not fair if teams fight at the top and cannot qualify.”

Soon after this, the likes of Luke Shaw, Marcus Rashford, Jordan Henderson, Kevin de Bruyne, and Barcelona socis all showed their disagreement with the idea of the league, and it may soon turn into nothing but a heap of dust. An idea that was never meant to be, not without the approval of football fans. Never without the approval of football fans.

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