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Mateu Lahoz’s exchange with Barcelona ace during Espanyol clash: “You’re making me angry”



Photo by Alex Caparros/Getty Images

The biggest talking point after any game officiated by Mateu Lahoz is the referee’s antics and decisions themselves. After all, the Spanish official always finds a way to make the game and its result about him.

However, what has stayed in the darkness all this while is how all of Lahoz’s games end in dramatic finishes and with hot-headed players. El Dia Despues of Movistar brings out the reality behind the referee’s antics via SPORT, showing his triggering words that initiate frustrations.

As caught by the camera that closely followed him during Barcelona’s derby against Espanyol, Lahoz did not take much time into the game to reprimand and trigger young Ansu Fati. The official’s words before a corner are as follows.

“Come here, Ansu. Now you’re making me angry. No, listen to me and shut up. Look at me, listen to me. Even if that player is grabbing you, don’t elbow him, okay?”

It is scandalous that a referee is allowed to use such strong and triggering language against a player without any consequences while the same transaction in reverse could mean suspension for up to five games. 

Moreover, it is no longer difficult to understand why the Catalan Derby ended with 14 yellow, two red cards, and a third red card that later got annulled.

Notably, FIFA sent Lahoz from the World Cup after his horrendous officiating in Argentina vs Netherlands quarter-final. Only a few weeks later, he is once again in the spotlight and is facing the heat now.

The derby last week not only suffered with the Spaniard’s words on the field but also his poor decision-making. Jordi Alba’s red card for a small argument means that he will miss the key game against Atletico Madrid in what is a blow to Xavi Hernandez’s plans.

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