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Luis Suárez: ‘Neymar is always welcome back here’ – Interview with Suárez



Photo by KARIM JAAFAR/AFP via Getty Images

Luis Suárez held an interview with Mundo Deportivo where he talked about a possible Neymar return, Lautaro Martinez, how he is doing during self-isolation, and more.

Suárez: “I spend a lot of time thinking about everything that is happening in the world with this virus, which is making it very difficult for all of us. ”

“Everyone has to pay attention to the authorities and stay at home. If things return to normal, we’ll obviously fight for La Liga and the Champions League. Winning these competitions would be an immense joy for us and for the fans, who support us through thick and thin.”, said Luis.

Suárez continued his words: “The more people who stay at home the better and faster we will get out of this difficult situation we are currently living in.”

Photo by DOUGLAS MAGNO/AFP via Getty Images

When asked about transfer targets Neymar and Lautaro, Suárez complimented both.

He started with his former team-mate Neymar: “Neymar is a great player without a doubt. He is always welcome back here.”

And then on Lautaro Martinez: “Lautaro is a great striker and his movements on the pitch are amazing. I feel happy when the club is bringing in players to win titles. Players who fight for a starting spot. Such players are always welcome at the club.”

The Uruguayan is eager to return playing football, just like every other professional.

Suárez: “I am thinking about my return, but I think more about what’s happening in the world right now. The next time I train, I hope to be with the team. But it’s up to the medical team to assess the situation.”

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