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Lionel Messi talks about his early days, inequality, and values



Photo by Marcelo Endelli/Getty Images

Lionel Messi has spoken in an exclusive interview with La Garganta Poderosa. The Argentine was the cover of the magazine’s 100th edition, in which he talked about inequality, his early days as a child in Rosario, education, and how he has shifted his focus from individualism to collective success.

“Inequality is one of the great problems of our society and we must fight to correct it as soon as possible. It is key, for those who need it most, to preserve water, electricity, and basic food in this situation.

“The glasses that are raised at the end of this year should be for all the people involved in helping those who are most in need of it.”, said Messi.

After going through (and continuing) a wonderful career, Messi is clear that education is key: “Education is the basis of development of a youngster.”

With the aim of giving children opportunities to follow their dreams, Leo is running his own foundation (“The Leo Messi Foundation”) since 2007, ultimately to solve inequality as well.

The 33-year-old was born and raised in a poor environment, and recalled: “At that time, I could not have even imagined how far those initial steps would take me.”

Messi also commented on the Covid-19 situation in his home country, Argentina:

“What we Argentines are experiencing is very difficult. We wanted to bring joy to the people with this victory. I send a lot of strength to all of Argentina because I know it is a very difficult moment.”, he said.

Leo finished his words by explaining that nowadays, he is more focused on the ‘team’, rather than scoring goals.

Recently, Messi seems to have a great time with his national team. Even though often he has been suffering internationally, while succeeding with FC Barcelona, lately the situation seems to have reversed.

Source: La Garganta Poderosa via TyC Sports

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