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Laporta talks Xavi, Alemany, Camp Nou, Negreira case, Madridismo: “We will replicate the best Barcelona in history”



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There is seldom a silent day at FC Barcelona. From the club’s financial troubles to the Negreira scandal, from the player injuries to the fluctuating performances on the field, there is always room for discussion over Barcelona-related topics.

Joan Laporta gave an elaborate speech during Barcelona’s General Assembly earlier today where he touched on administrative, sporting, and political topics pertaining to the club. He opened with an overview of the current state of affairs in the team.

On the finances and the stadium

“We have a team that wants to make history and start a new era. I ask you for all your support for the team. Within a year we will return to Camp Nou and we will be in a much better position economically.”

Moving to the aspect of the financial situation, Laporta once again emphasised the terrible finances he inherited from the previous board.

“When we arrived in 2021, we found debts worth one billion and 350 million, most of which were short-term. We saved the club from tragedy.”

“We improved in all aspects. In the field of sponsorship, we reached nearly 200 million with more than 20 new sponsorships. Store sales reached 100 million euros,” he explained on the current economic situation.

Laporta also revealed the various schemes that were put into play to ensure the betterment of the Catalan club’s finances.

“The reduction of the sports salary mass has been achieved by the renegotiation of contracts, with the definition of a new salary structure and with the new policy of spending on signings,” he said.

Concluding the topic of finances, the president reiterated his intention to keep his foot on the gas and pull the club out of the waters.

“We will continue to implement the strategic plan. We all went in the same direction to save Barcelona economically, sportingly and socially, and this is not an improvisational act. It came as a result of exceptional work done by many people at the club.”

Mateu Alemany was one of the key figures involved in Barcelona’s recent transfer windows as he negotiated not only renewals but also some of the best free transfers Barcelona could hope for. 

“I want to thank Mateu Alemany for his work and wish him good luck,” Laporta said on the former administrator.

He even went on to affirm his faith in the manager, Xavi Hernandez, saying: “Xavi is an essential part of our project.”

Providing an update on the status of Camp Nou and the Espai Barça project, Laporta added,

“We have completed the first phase of demolition and now the city council has granted us a permit to build the new Camp Nou. We will be able to return to the Camp Nou at the end of 2024.”

On Negreira case and Madridismo

Barcelona president Joan Laporta. (Photo by PAU BARRENA/AFP via Getty Images)

Laporta then addressed the elephant in the room – the Negreira scandal and maintained that the club was faultless in the matter.

“No matter how much they search and lie, they will find nothing.”

The topic of the media interaction then shifted to the club’s foundations, where the president insisted that it would always be owned by the supporters and Socis.

“We don’t want a state behind us or some millionaires who control us. Our history is our identity, out of respect for our essential institutional and old generations.”

Towards the end of his speech, the club president lashed out at the generalised favouritism towards Real Madrid at various levels in Spain and the atrocities the Catalans faced over the years.

“When we go to Madrid for work, you realize that there is a sociological Madridismo in all powers: financial, political, media and sports.”

“A few years have passed and a new Barça is back that is getting better and better. On top of that, the president who was at that stage, who made them suffer and lose, is the same. The coach is the one who was the best midfielder in the world,” he added.

Further continuing, he said: “Sociological Madridismo sees that grassroots football can bring out new players such as Araujo, Balde, Gavi, Fermín, Lamine…

They are the promoters of this plot that has been perpetrated to destabilise us and destroy one of the most distinguishing features of Catalonia.

Concluding on a strong and confident note, Laporta said: “We will win this judicial process, we will be acquitted, sooner rather than later. I have bad news for the sociological Madridismo: we will replicate the best Barça in history.”

Source: X/FCBarcelona

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