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La Liga purposefully changed rules to prevent Gavi’s registration with Barcelona seniors



Photo by David Ramos/Getty Images

Gavi’s resgistration saga has gone on long enough for everyone to understand something incredibly sketchy is happening behind the scenes.

As one of the best young players in the world, on a minimal salary, too, it seems rather interesting that La Liga have been trying to prevent Barcelona from penning his new deal officially.

Most recently, Barcelona had filed a court case against the league in an attempt to register the player. The judge ruled in their favour, forcing La Liga to file Gavi as part of the blaugrana senior team.

One of the main arguments made by Javier Tebas against the registration was that Barcelona’s expected losses would increase €200 million. However, that rule, came into power much later, as per a report by Cule de Chamberi.

The rule, initially, said that a renewal could be registered during the winter transfer window if it was signed before that, dependent on the salary cap for the following season.

Gavi signed his renewal in September, which meant he should have been registered without trouble in the winter. La Liga, however, changed the rule in November to apply it for the entire season instead of just the half.

As Gavi renewed his contract in September, the initial rule should have been in power during his registration. The new rule applies only to players who renewed their contract after the winter market.

La Liga manipulated their own rule to prevent Barcelona from registering Gavi in the winter.

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