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Joan Laporta will officially take over the Barcelona office on Wednesday



Photo via Imago

CAT Radio have confirmed, that newly elected Barcelona president Joan Laporta will officially take over the office on Wednesday by 3 PM. After his inauguration is complete, he will then be able to tackle all the issues on the agenda.

Reports highlighting Laporta’s economic vice president Jaume Giro’s resignation could have caused more complications. The president had to submit a guarantee of 126 million euros to the LFP but Giro’s exit due to multiple disagreements with Laporta were a hindrance.

However, Laporta has seemingly found a replacement very quickly as the vice president of the company Audax Renovables, Eduard Romeu is set to join ‘Estimem el Barça’. After a final scare for the new management, things are seemingly finally back on track for Laporta’s initiation.

The 58-year-old returned to Barcelona as president after a long-drawn-out election saga, which saw him amass over 54% of the votes over his competitors Victor Font and Toni Freixa. With him, also came a newfound sense of optimism at the club which has endured crisis after crisis over the past few years.

Laporta’ second tenure, however, has already seen a rocky start. With Barcelona’s exit at the hands of PSG in the Champions League and now Giro’s resignation, the kind of problems he has inherited are also apparent.

But charismatic as ever, Laporta remained confident that he would be able to present a guarantee for 15% of Barcelona’s budget to the league on time, in order to be sworn into office. With Romeu’s entry as financial vice president, things should now move much more smoothly.

If there is anyone capable of digging Barcelona out of these burrows, it is definitely Joan Laporta. Despite the crises, the cause for optimism is high.

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