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Ferran Torres talks Barcelona, Manchester City and Pep Guardiola



Photo by PAU BARRENA/AFP via Getty Images

With a long international break finally nearing its end, the focus is shifting back onto club football, as Barcelona prepare to dust off their shaky form off late and put in some winning performances.

In a casual interview with The Wild Project, Ferran Torres shines a light on recent dealings at Barcelona, and the stories behind his move to the club and his time with Manchester City.

The Spaniard has enjoyed a rather impressive start to the season, wearing his new ‘Shark’ mentality on his shoulders, which is reflecting in his performances with five goals and an assist, with an overall positive outlook.

“There is no better feeling than when you see the ball hitting the net and you know you scored a goal… I am addicted to scoring goals,” he says with a smile.

Electrifying. (Photo by LLUIS GENE/AFP via Getty Images)

The pressures of the game

In this interview, Ferran walked through his journey as a kid to becoming a professional footballer and all the developments he had to make along the way to become the player he is now.

“When I started playing football, I started playing as a fullback. I started playing football at my school at the age of 6 and the next year Valencia called me to do some tests. I did well and I joined their academy.”

He then continued to talk about the pressures of this sport and how overbearing they can become, even from a very young age.

“People don’t give us time to be young. It seems that in your first year you can make mistakes, but from the second year onwards you have to do everything, and lead your team to everything.

“There are processes that you have to follow, because if you skip it, it can go wrong. I am 23 years old, yes I have spent 6 seasons in professional football, but I am still young,” said the Spaniard.

Ferran continued along the same lines, also discussing the role of mental health in the sport, which continues to be a hot topic.

“Mental health shouldn’t be a topic you can’t talk about. It’s very important to talk about that. We players are in something very big, subjected to the media spotlight all the time, we don’t even have time to get to know ourselves.”

Pep Guardiola’s advice to Ferran

After some great insights on these serious topics, Ferran then moved on to discussing his career progression from Valencia.

“Before leaving Valencia, many teams were interested in me. But talking to Pep changed everything. He wanted me for Man City.

When Pep calls, you answer. (Photo by Peter Powell -Pool/Getty Images)

“It was very important for my career. But at the same time I was sad to leave Valencia, the fans of my beloved club started to hate me.”

He then spoke about the move to Manchester and how it was a new world for him.

“My adaptation in Manchester was difficult. I was 19, alone, without my family, in the COVID pandemic, different language… When I arrived in England I was quarantined for 15 days. It was very difficult.”

But despite all the challenges, he saw how massive the club was and how it was an important step in his career.

“The Man City training center is incredible – the best in the world. It is newly built. It has everything. You even have a pool that rises and the floor was raised to control the height of the water. I’ve never seen anything like it.”

But then when the time came to move to Barcelona, Ferran says he felt embarrassed to even ask to leave, but Pep Guardiola was very supportive.

“Pep told me… ‘Barça? I just can’t say no to you. It’s my Barça. As long as the clubs can agree, you can leave. Barça is Barça.”

It is always heartwarming to hear the legendary coach still hold so much affection for his former side.

And moving onto the subject of Barcelona, Ferran was then vocal in his admiration for Sergio Busquets, who helped him out a lot when he finally joined.

“I think Busquets has been key in my adaptation in Barcelona and in turning the situation around and winning titles. The first thing he did on my first day was… ‘Ferri, do you want me to take me to training?’, and I said, ‘Okay, capi’

“Back then I didn’t have as much confidence as I do today. And in fact, he showed me his house, he told me where the players usually live and he gave me a lot of advice. It came from him. He is a leader both on and off the pitch.”

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