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Barcelona’s 15-year-old academy prodigy making waves with his goalscoring spree



Photo by PAU BARRENA/AFP via Getty Images

Within the Barcelona youth system, the name Guille Fernandez is starting to gain strength for his sheer goalscoring prowess, according to SPORT, after the 15-year-old midfielder has scored on three consecutive days for the Juvenil B team.

The 15-year-old talent has been switching sides between Juvenil A and Juvenile B teams, but on this Saturday, he cannot make his presence felt across the sides since both teams played in the span of a mere two hours.

Interestingly enough, the young midfielder did so two weeks ago and surprisingly, he scored for both sides.

Guille guarantees goals

Meanwhile, the previous weekend, Guille exclusively played for Juvenil B, contributing two out of the six goals scored by Pol Planas’ squad against Martinenc. 

The midfielder’s exceptional form proved to be a reliable asset, showcasing his prowess regardless of his position on the field.

Over the past month, Guille has showcased his scoring prowess by netting a total of nine goals, distributed among Juvenil A (1 goal), Juvenil B (4 goals), and the under-17 team (4 goals). 

This impressive goal-scoring spree is a testament to his outstanding physical condition and unwavering confidence, demonstrating his mastery across various aspects of the game.

More than a scorer

For what it is worth, Guille is more than just a goal-scorer; he brings essential qualities such as strong character, competitiveness, class, and a strategic approach to the team. 

These attributes make him an essential player for any team. Despite being a cadet, the 15-year-old  has seamlessly transitioned between the two youth teams and has already made appearances in Rafa Márquez’s call-ups. 

Additionally, he has experienced training under the guidance of Xavi as well, further solidifying his versatility and adaptability in different classes within the team.

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