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Barcelona willing to terminate contract with German investors after delayed payments



Photo by PAU BARRENA/AFP via Getty Images

A report from Spanish publication MARCA has affirmed that Barcelona have had enough with Libero, the German fund that was supposed to inject a significant investment in the team during the summer transfer window.

At the moment, the team from Catalonia is willing to terminate the contract and look for other investors as delays over the €60 million payment continue.

Furthermore, the board is specifically calm about the situation mostly because they know they have time to find a new investor and there are parties interested in this deal.

What’s the story here?

Barcelona were in urgent need of €60 million that they were promised by Libero during the summer transfer market. This amount was supposed to fund the registrations of first-team players but the money has not arrived to date.

Initially, the club had high hopes that Libero would come through with the promised capital during the summer. However, this optimism did not yield into the desired outcome. 

The German fund were fully aware of Barcelona’s situation which allowed them to exert significant pressure on the alteration of these terms. One of their demands included the immediate stock market listing of the Barça Studios section, a move the club did not want to go through.

Barcelona are ready to terminate contract with Libero, the German fund that promised significant capital during the summer transfer window (Photo by VYACHESLAV OSELEDKO/AFP via Getty Images)

How has the story changed?

With the closure of the transfer window, the situation has changed. The club is no longer in a rush to finalize the agreement and has set the end of the season as the new deadline to secure the necessary financing.

Libero continues to delay payment to date which has forced the Barcelona board to explore alternatives with potential partners. 

Now, Libero had previously promised to pay before the transfer window closed, having made only an advance payment, leaving a significant balance of €40 million unpaid.

But since the amount is still not paid, the Blaugrana are now ready to terminate the entire contract as and when new partners are found. And for that, the board members have assured confidence in having multiple interested parties.

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