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Barcelona to receive financial boost from former defender’s sale to AC Milan in the winter



Photo by Fran Santiago/Getty Images

Barcelona are often forced to bid farewell to some promising gems hailing from La Masia, but the Catalan giants made sure to retain some ownership of Juan Miranda’s right when he left to Real Betis.

Barça are currently entitled to 40% of any money paid for the player’s transfer. As such, the club is keen to get some return on Miranda before his contract with the Verdiblancos eventually runs down.

With Barcelona’s financial troubles a constant thorn in their side, any form of revenue is appreciated in these trying times.

Barcelona hope to get something out of Miranda

As per SPORT, Real Betis have already expressed to Barcelona that they do not wish to extend the contract of Miranda, who will become a free agent in June next year. Such a scenario would deprive Barcelona of a single dime.

But Betis aim to strike a deal with AC Milan in the upcoming January transfer window, which will likely see them acquire a small fee and in turn not leave Barça empty handed.

Juan Miranda is largely in control of his future and it appears that his entourage are also trying to make sure that Betis gains some fiscal benefit from the situation because of the faith they placed in him.

Instead of comfortably leaving as a free agent in the summer, he is contemplating being more accommodating with Betis and push Milan to pay up a small fee prematurely.

Although Barça considered bidding for Miranda as a free agent, they ultimately decided it was not the right move.

Time will tell how the situation develops, but the matter looks complicated with merely 6 months remaining until Miranda can hit the back door for free, incentivising his suitors to bide their time.

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