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Barcelona remain calm after learning about UEFA’s investigation in the Negreira case



Photo by Eric Alonso/Getty Images

Barcelona found themselves at the centre of the Negreira scandal after paying him substantial amounts of money over the past years. While the club clarified that the payments were for technical reports on referees, accusations were levelled that they had tried to influence referees.

Yet, the past few days have seen a drastic turnaround in the situation. Substantial evidence favouring Barcelona has come to the fore and it has become clear that the Catalans’ payments were only directed towards refereeing reports.

At the same time, the Treasury has found no evidence whatsoever supporting the allegations of the club making the payments to influence refereeing decisions.

Earlier today, UEFA opened an investigation into the Negreira case to see if there was any violation of their ‘legal framework.’

According to reports from Victor Navarro, Barcelona are unfazed after knowing about UEFA’s latest step. There is calmness at the club offices and an understanding that the process is only an investigation and not an action. There will be complete compliance from the Catalan institution with the aim to clear their name at the earliest.

Less than 24 hours ago, a series of reports provided by Negreira to Barcelona came to light. These reports included detailed information on the refereeing of the Catalans’ games across all competitions to help the administration understand the referee’s mind.

Amongst these aforementioned reports was a detailed post-match insight into Barcelona’s 6-1 comeback over PSG in the Champions League.

Tthe information nowhere claims that Barcelona paid the referee on the night to favour them and is just an analysis by the former vice-president of the referees’ committee that the decisions happened to fall the Catalans’ way.

El Mundo further relays that UEFA only aims to gather information about the situation and does not intend to sanction the club.

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