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Barcelona president sends public message to Real Madrid: ‘They have played very dirty with us’



Photo by JOSEP LAGO/AFP via Getty Images

Barcelona president Joan Laporta recently provided a comprehensive review of the season from sporting, institutional, and economic perspectives. 

During a discussion with Barça One, he also addressed the controversial Negreira Case and in his statements, Laporta criticized Real Madrid for their involvement in the case.

He shared that the Barcelona Court has cleared him of any wrongdoing in the Negreira Case and then directed his frustration towards Real Madrid, arguing that their involvement in the case is illogical since they are often perceived as the team most favoured by referees. 

“I’m relieved that I’m no longer accused or under investigation. It’s surprising that they even investigated me. It seems like anything goes against us,” said Laporta as quoted by Mundo Deportivo

“When you watch the games, it feels like we’re buying referees, even though it’s been proven that it was just advice. They’ve managed to influence us with referee decisions. It’s hard to find news that contradicts what’s being published,” he added.

Laporta’s criticism of Real Madrid 

Laporta seized the moment to openly criticize Real Madrid for their stance on the matter. He emphasized that Real Madrid’s involvement seemed unjustified and was an attempt to undermine Barcelona. 

“The fact that Madrid appeared and extended the investigation for six months is a very dirty move. 

Joan Laporta is not happy with Real Madrid’s reaction towards the Negreira Case. (Photo by JAVIER SORIANO/AFP via Getty Images)

“Everything is not worth it to win, but they have played this card, which I don’t know why they play it, because all the controversial arbitration decisions fall on their side. 

“They are a club favoured by the referees. And it’s not just this appearance, but everything they launch from their television. 

“They spin the story. They live in a reality that does not exist because if there is a club favoured by the referees it is Real Madrid, not Barça,” he argued.

There is evidence supporting Barcelona

He reiterated his confidence in Barcelona’s innocence by stating that there is ample evidence to disprove any accusations related to the Negreira Case. 

Laporta assured fans and supporters that the club had been unfairly targeted and that the truth would prevail.

“There is a campaign to destroy our reputation. They have condemned us before judging us. It is being shown that it was advice and that we have not bribed anyone. 

“One of the reasons for all the arbitration decisions against us is this campaign against the reputation of the club. The members have not fallen into this trap. 

“You can see the degree of communication and scandal that I wanted to represent and now it is difficult to see the news that we have been exonerated,” he added.

In summary, Laporta used this opportunity to not only defend himself and the club but also to highlight what he sees as an unjust and biased campaign against FC Barcelona. 

He remains confident that the club will come out unscathed and that the accusations will be proven baseless. 

This stance not only reflects his commitment to the club but also aims to reassure the supporters of Barcelona’s integrity and resilience amidst the controversy.

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