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Barcelona president picks out problems with the Super League, explains how it can be better



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It is out in the open that Barcelona were amongst the three primary European clubs that supported the European Super League (ESL), alongside Real Madrid and Juventus.

As a result, club president Joan Laporta’s reluctance about the competition taking place come as a surprise.

I think that playing the big clubs between us would always tire. It would end up tiring”, he said, as quoted by Mundo Deportivo.

Laporta continued, “Those of us who like football would end up tiring us. It’s nice and healthy that a smaller team beats the big one. Going with the weak is very nice.

You find that a European Championship is won by Greece and it is very nice. And when Leicester won in England it was special. This is football.”

The Barcelona head honcho also went on to explain why a breakaway league structure is a facet of the Super League that he opposes.

I have entered the Super League as Barça’s representative with everything already well advanced. My criteria was, leave you with a closed league, we have to make an Open Super League, that there is meritocracy.

And another thing that we have to combine is the Super League with the leagues of each country. For me, that is very important. I believe in the leagues of each country and for me it would be a mistake for the Super League to replace the leagues.”

Joan Laporta also gave an insight into his ideal iteration of the Super League, saying: “An improved Champions League, with a very good competition format, which will surely be the most attractive competition in the world. But at the same time, you have to be skilful to maintain the state leagues, this is essential.”

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