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Barcelona president confirms Camp Nou as Pique’s Kings League final venue



Photo by THOMAS COEX/AFP via Getty Images

Gerard Pique’s post-retirement life has already seen him become heavily involved with his business as the former Barcelona defender is currently conducting his very own league – Kings League Football.

In November 2022, the Barça legend jumped into a joint venture with Spanish internet celebrity and streamer Ibai Llanos, announcing the Kings League Football, which was a virtual football competition between streamers and ex-players taking charge of 12 clubs. It was slated to begin in January 2023.

And in a recent development, it appears Pique has convinced Barcelona to hold the final four playoff of the competition at Spotify Camp Nou. This has been confirmed by Joan Laporta himself.

“Piqué’s Kings League final-four will be played at the Spotify Camp Nou,” said the Barcelona president, affirming the club’s strong relationship with Pique even amidst reports that suggested a potential bust-up.

“Piqué and I love each other. They can say what they want, it’s the truth,” Laporta added (h/t BarçaCentre).

The Barcelona president went on to comment on the success of Gerard Romero and his Jijantes channel which has broken several Barça-related news in the recent past. He branded Jijantes as a new way of doing journalism.

“Jijantes is a new way of doing journalism. They have a clear and direct way of doing things, they don’t bother and they also inform,” he said. “We like how Romero and Jijantes work.”

Jijantes is one of the teams expected to participate in Pique’s Kings League Football, along with the likes of Pio FC, Kunisports, Los Troncos and Saiyans FC, among others.

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