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Barcelona president comments on Mbappe and Haaland rumours



Photo by LLUIS GENE/AFP via Getty Images

Barcelona president Joan Laporta is one of the most diplomatic people in football. None of his answers are straightforward, and there he is very careful with the words he chooses.

A couple of weeks days ago, he basically hinted that the club would not move ahead with any risky deals since the club is already in deep waters with regards to their financial situation.

Yesterday, however, Barça were linked to Paris Saint-Germain’s megastar Kylian Mbappe, and the topic came up today in his interview with Mundo Deportivo. Speaking about the links, Laporta said:

“Everyone is free to send messages and ‘proclamations’ and we already know that is the part of football that big clubs are interested in great players. But I’m not going to talk about it. Talking about players harms the interests of our club.”

“If we talk about a player we are interested in, it would increase the price. I don’t want to comment on issues about this player or others. The technical secretariat and the sports management are working to improve the team, which is already getting better,” he explained further.

Laporta talked about their market strategy when scouting players, and possibly tok a dig at Mbappe, who has been labelled to prioritise himself over the team at times.

“We prioritise the team above all else, we are not looking for players who are more than the team. We want to reinforce the team with players who can play the Barça system.”

The president asked whether linking Mbappe to Barcelona after the 0-4 win at the Santiago Bernabeu was ‘morbid’.

“I think this is the part of the football show business. I have nothing to say about it.”

The conversation, naturally, pivoted towards Erling Haaland, the other megastar on the move this transfer window. Laporta was asked about his comments earlier this month where he said the club will avoid economically dangerous deals.

“I insist, I will not talk about specific players but I can tell you that we will not do any operation that puts the institution at risk. It has been a rule that we have followed since returning to the administration.”

He continued on the same beat of the drum, assuring that Barcelona is looking to change the club’s ways from the past.

“You can talk about the players, about transfers with a lot of money, but remember: Barcelona will not lose its mind. Let the partners be calm because we are not going to lose our heads due to mega operations.”

Despite this, he assured that the club will continue to compete at the highest level because it is a gigantic team that will continue to attract superstars.

“Most players want to come to Barça, they like the club, the team, our philosophy, our way of working, of understanding football. They will have to adapt to Barça’s salary levels and to an economic structure that maintains balance.”

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