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Barcelona offered €32 million sponsorship deal by Dutch multinational conglomerate 



Photo by DANIEL MUNOZ/AFP via Getty Images

Barcelona have been looking for a shirt sleeve sponsor for quite some time now. Their previous partner Beko had left in 2021, after a contract paid Barça around €19 million per season.

Since then, the club have been looking for a sleeve sponsor, in order to further generate income, especially in the midst of an economic crisis.

Barcelona have had no shortage of interested parties either, with the club holding talks with the likes of Cupra, Nexa, Turkish Airlines and Polkadot, among many others.

According to Mundo Deportivo, Philips has become the latest brand to approach Barcelona over the sleeve sponsor position. The Dutch company, which is known for its image and sound equipment, as well as lighting materials, has even come up with an offer for Barça.

They are prepared to offer €2 million during the remainder of the season and are seeking a four-year deal that would see them pay €8 million the next season, and €10 million and €12 million in the following two seasons.

This is a far cry from the €20 million Barcelona are looking for. However, the report suggests Philips is looking for more than just a partnership in the sleeve sponsor division. In fact, they are open to expanding the partnership with them and Barcelona in the coming years and linking it to the club’s Espai Barça project.

It is said that Philips has offered to deliver all the monitors in the reformed Camp Nou. But for the time being, their current offer is not enough for Barcelona’s liking and it remains to be seen whether the Dutch conglomerate come up with a better offer, in their bid to land a partnership with the Catalans.

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