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Barcelona furious with new ‘Mbappe law’ proposed in Madrid – report



While Barcelona struggle to make ends meet from a financial perspective, their arch-rivals Real Madrid are set for a gala summer.

Los Blancos, with efficiently managed finances, appear set to sign Kylian Mbappe, Alphonso Davies and possibly even a central defender come June.

If their economic muscle was not a big enough advantage, SPORT reveal that the Madrid-based side are set to receive an even bigger boost in the coming weeks.

The ‘Mbappe’ Law

As reported by the Spanish outlet, the Governing Council and the Assembly of Madrid are in the process of bringing a law that could change the transfer game for clubs in Madrid.

A tax-payer in Spain is currently required to pay 24.5% of any income above €300,000 as national tax and an additional 20.5% to the community of Madrid, computing a total of 45%.

If the assembly led by Isabel Diaz Ayuso, who has a clear majority, pass the new bill, any person who lives in the community of Madrid including foreigners can avail a deduction of 20% from the autonomous tax as long as they invest in the community.

Thus, this indirectly implies that those residing in Madrid must only pay the national component of the tax.

Needless to say, this is a massive factor for any player moving to Madrid. It is no coincidence that such a law is being brought in just before Mbappe moves to the Spanish capital.

Mbappe set to join Madrid in the summer. (Photo by MIGUEL MEDINA/AFP via Getty Images)

Barcelona are furious

Barcelona are understandably furious over the possibility of such a law coming into the picture, for it will hand them a massive blow for any transfer operations in the future.

Any player who signs for Real Madrid or Atletico Madrid will save significantly from the tax exemption, making Catalonia a less favourable destination for any future targets.

They believe that the law will make Real Madrid a ‘state club’, just like PSG and Manchester City. The topic will likely be brought up in the next meeting of the board of directors in Barcelona, and it is safe to say that the members feel it is truly unjust.

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