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Barcelona could receive €700 million in 2023 if Super League plans return



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Despite several of Europe’s elite clubs’ attempt to branch out into the European Super League in 2021, such attempts were ultimately brought to a halt after widespread fan opposition.

However, it was known that Spain’s ‘Big Three,’ including Barcelona, were on board with the idea of a breakaway league. A fresh revelation suggests how the return of such a division could benefit Xavi’s side.

As per the latest information provided by Que T’hi Jugues, a ruling will take place to decide whether the ESL is legal or not on December 15th this year.

In case it is deemed legal, the Catalan giants will receive a staggering €700 million in the first six months of 2023.

From a strictly monetary point of view, it is easy to see why Barça would be on board with the Super League coming to fruition.

With former club president Josep Maria Bartomeu’s financial mismanagement of Barcelona, by setting a precedent for an incredibly exorbitant wage bill and mountains of debt, the side have faced a whole host of economic troubles.

It is due to this precise reason that the club have had to sell key assets such as broadcast rights and merchandising to active economic levers, that have funded a number of much-needed additions.

If the La Liga heavyweights did not embrace the desperate measures during desperate times this summer, the gap at the top between them and Real Madrid would have become harder to bridge this term.

In the event that the European Super League becomes a reality, Barcelona will become major benefactors of the breakaway league, as the initial payout could mean their ongoing financial issues largely cease to exist.

However, the club ultimately would like to be a part of any such division with the blessing of the culers.

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