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Barcelona 1-2 Granada: Match Review

Alexandre Patanian



Photo by Alejandro Garcia via Imago


At the thought of another final, Culés started feeling nervous. Granada is never an easy team to play against, and Barcelona knew what was at stake there, the league title.

However, as the first half went by and Barça could not find the back of the net, the anxiousness of the players could be felt. Will they score? Asked the Barça fans.

Well, one man eased all the nerves, and who other than Lionel Messi. The move for the opener was a joy to behold, one of the best goals one could see this season.

In the end, Messi delivered, and Barcelona were back on top of the league for the first time this season. They could have had a much better game, but Granada were not aggressive either.


The second half was way worse, perhaps the worst in 2021 for the locals. Barcelona were a sinking ship, looking like their older self as Granada capitalised on the occasion.

Nothing went well, other than Sergio Busquets’ passes. Those passes split up the Granada defence, but no one was there to find a second goal and players like Sergi Roberto had an abysmal half.

Granada’s two goals came from comical Blaugrana defending. In truth, it was not Granada who won the match, but Barcelona who lost it.

In a week where Barça could have topped the league, they completely sank. Such behaviour has to be rectified before the five remaining finals.

Key moments

24′ GOAL! Barcelona 1-0 Granada: Sergio Busquets has the ball near the centre-circle. Lionel Messi gets it and finds Antoine Griezmann quickly. The Frenchman does a superb flick and returns the ball to his captain. Messi finds the back of the net from a difficult angle.

36′ Busquets, again near the centre-circle, finds Messi in behind the defence with a beautiful pass. However, the Argentine forward misses his one-on-one, and the ball goes out for a corner.

63′ GOAL! Barcelona 1-1 Granada: Luis Suarez attacks from the right as his pass beats Oscar Mingueza. Darwin Machís is quicker than Sergi Roberto and slots the ball in the back of the net.

78′ GOAL! Barcelona 1-2 Granada: Granada attack on Sergi Roberto’s side. Luis Suarez leaves the ball to Adrián Martin, whose cross is perfect. Jorge Molina scores the second goal for the visitors.

As a Lebanese teenager who never had the chance to support their local team, I fell in love with the club that was FC Barcelona at the start of the decade. I always was passionate about writing and this is exactly what I am looking for: sharing my insights and opinions on football.



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  1. Avatar


    29/04/2021 at 19:15

    All Barcelona Players Should be A Shame today with the Kind is performance Today with Granada who has the Worst Defense in Laliga,!.. Shamito all of them including all the Coaching Team!. I will never watch them any more, shame Shame Shame.

  2. Avatar

    Cristian R.

    29/04/2021 at 20:11

    RK infatuation with certain players, and the consequent limited rotation, came to bite us big time today.

    In the Cup game vs Granada Umtiti cost us a goal all by himself, the same today, where, in that play you, as a defender, either stop the ball, or stop the man. that’s defending 101. He didn’t do either, and coupled with Mingueza’s skimping on that ball (he should have played it with his left foot, but …) we ended up being scored against.

    Granada scored 2 goals from 2 shots on goal, while we wasted 3-4 clear cut opportunities, so Umititi’s and Mingueza are not the only ones to blame, our attacking block who missed all those opportunities. Roberto is clearly not in game shape, he also made sure the ball didn’t hit him on its way to being headed into our net – yet he played the entire 90 mins.

    The problem remains: poor rotation management and in-game management by RK, which show once again today that he may not be the right man from this job. Trincao got a good stretch after which he was kept on the bench. Instead Dembele was lavished with opportunities, for which he showed nothing, as was the case today. Then RK should have recognized the very poor team display early in the second half and made changes so to prop up the defense and manage the game down. We should have hoofed the ball in the stands all period long if that meant wining the game. It wasn’t our day and RK missed to identify the situation and take timely action.

    At this point I’d rather we draw or lose to Atletico, as otherwise we’ll gift the title to real madrid.

    Sorry RK that you got too infatuated with some players while keeping others glued to the bench no matter what, and that you failed to grasp the importance of the 1-0 lead in a day when the team played poorly, but it is clear that you are not the man for the job.

    • Avatar


      30/04/2021 at 05:39

      Thank you 🙏🏼
      Couldn’t have said it better