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Barca Universal on YouTube

Barça Universal have always been moved by four pillars: to inform, to inspire, to be unique, and to enjoy. With this motivation, we started to produce content on YouTube on 16 October 2020.

You can find our channel here.

The Barca Universal channel is run by Pablo Woolls-Blanco.

My passion has always been football. Not just playing football, but also watching, analysing and talking about it. Football is my life. It’s what I wake up thinking about and go to bed worrying about. Although I love playing football, it is watching, analysing and sharing my thoughts on the game that inspires me. I began sharing my opinions on my YouTube channel from a very young age, and I am now delighted to be part of this fantastic team at Barça Universal. Barça is a huge part of my life and will always be.

Pablo Woolls-Blanco