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Watch: What happened to the European Super League and are Barcelona still in it?



The European Super League continues to leave plenty of questions unanswered, and of course, plenty of controversy amongst football fans. Will it go ahead? Who is left in it? And where do all of the clubs participating go from here? Check out our video below to gain an understanding into Barcelona’s position regarding the Super League:

With Barcelona, for now, remaining in the Super League, we gained further evidence of the precarious economic situation Joan Laporta has found the club in. Indeed, we are all aware of Barcelona’s delicate financial situation, and this certainly was further proved by Laporta’s agreement to participate in the new competition headed by Florentino Pérez.

However, in order for Barcelona to become an official European Super League participant, the club members (socis) must take a vote on whether they agree to join or not. President Laporta smartly involved this clause in the contract when signing up for the Super League, which allows Barcelona to withdraw, should the members vote against it, and without any penalty clause.

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