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UEFA will not sanction Barcelona over Negreira case, will wait for court’s final decision



Photo by DANIEL ROLAND/AFP via Getty Images

It was reported yesterday that Joan Laporta is all set to meet Aleksander Ceferin, potentially discussing the Negreira issue.

Diario SPORT has offered an update on the event, suggesting the meeting went quite well for Barcelona. The two parties talked about the Negreira issue, with Laporta clarifying the club’s perspective of the scandal, assuring that Barça were not involved in the purchase of referees.

Laporta further informed Ceferin how the Prosecutor in Spain is not even accusing Barcelona of the same. Although the UEFA president did not promise anything, the meeting went favourably for Barcelona.

As such, the European governing body will not sanction the Blaugrana over the Negreira case until the court gives a final verdict. On the basis of the verdict, UEFA will announce its decision.

It is a major win for Barça, who appear quite confident, having taken quite some time to gather evidence and information that supports their stance of non-involvement in the matter.

Due to the lack of evidence against them, Barcelona are firm that the case will die in court sooner rather than later, thereby helping them avoid any sanction not only from UEFA but also from La Liga.

During the meeting, Laporta also wanted to talk about the European Super League project, hoping to douse the tension between UEFA and Barcelona, especially after Ceferin compared the three clubs involved in the ESL project to a ‘cartel’.

However, Laporta’s primary focus was the Negreira issue which was well settled. It is now up to Barcelona to conjure up more evidence and present themselves in the trials, in their bid to get acquitted of the charges.

The coming months could be crucial as far as the Catalans are concerned.

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