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Three reasons why Barcelona are ready to offer a contract extension to Sergi Roberto



Photo by Yasser Bakhsh/Getty Images

Just a few months back, the idea of Barcelona extending Sergi Roberto’s contract seemed utterly improbable. 

After all, the club captain had been grappling with fitness issues throughout the initial phase of the season, casting doubt upon his availability. However, upon his return, Roberto underwent a remarkable transformation.

In recent matches, the 32-year-old has emerged as a crucial asset for the team, stepping up during critical moments such as the last-minute withdrawal of Joao Cancelo against Atletico Madrid. 

Interestingly, Roberto’s adaptability and reliability have not gone unnoticed by Barcelona’s management, and reports circulating suggest that the team is reconsidering its stance. 

Recent performances have evidently convinced the club hierarchy to contemplate offering Roberto an extension as his invaluable contributions on the field have prompted a reassessment of his role within the team.

1. Roberto’s impressive form

This turnaround in perception reflects Roberto’s resilience and determination to prove himself despite earlier setbacks. 

Sergi Roberto has elevated his stature at Barcelona. (Photo by JOSEP LAGO/AFP via Getty Images)

His ability to step up when needed most underscores his importance to the squad, especially during the current phase of the season. 

On the other hand, Barcelona’s decision to extend his contract underscores their recognition of his recent displays and their desire to retain his services.

While he may not hold a prominent position within the team, his appearances in games have consistently brought valuable contributions. 

Notably, he has clinched decisive goals such as the pair against Almería, which turned the tide of the match, and the third goal against Naples was assisted by his boot.

2. Barcelona’s financial situation

Furthermore, considering the player’s desire to remain at Barcelona, it is crucial to acknowledge the club’s current dilemma. 

Financial constraints, particularly due to Fair Play regulations, loom over the upcoming transfer window and major signings are unlikely, and funds primarily earmarked for the captain’s renewal leave little room for significant market activity.

Moreover, the significance of finances extends to salary negotiations. In Roberto’s recent contract extension, he voluntarily accepted a substantial pay cut, reducing his earnings by more than half. 

Sergi Roberto deserves an extension at Barcelona. (Photo by OSCAR DEL POZO/AFP via Getty Images)

It remains uncertain whether the club will keep him on his existing terms, abstain from increasing them, or potentially seek further reductions.

3. Veteran who inspires

Despite his secondary role within the team, his impact on the field cannot be overlooked. His knack for influencing crucial moments. 

After all, he is one of the few veterans left at Barcelona at the moment. In fact, Roberto happens to be the longest servant the team has at the moment.

Looking ahead, the club faces formidable challenges, both on and off the pitch. Financial constraints imposed by Fair Play regulations will restrict their ability to make significant moves in the transfer market. 

With limited resources available for squad improvements, retaining key players like Roberto carries heightened importance. Amidst these challenges, negotiations surrounding salary adjustments become pivotal. 

Roberto’s willingness to accept a significant reduction in his previous contract renegotiation sets a precedent for future discussions. However, whether the club opts to maintain his current terms or seek further reductions remains uncertain.

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