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‘This is his team’ – Journalist recounts Xavi’s story about Barcelona’s future captain



Photo by Carlos Rodrigues/Getty Images

Journalist Guillem Balague has said that young midfielder Gavi would make a fantastic captain for Barcelona.

Upon being asked who he thinks would be a good captain for Barcelona, he said, “They have one but he’s injured, Gavi,” as quoted by FCB World.

Balague shared an interesting story about a conversation he had with Barcelona manager Xavi Hernandez. 

During their discussion, they delved into the future captaincy of the football club and the qualities that make a player suitable for the role.

Xavi spoke highly of Gavi, a young but talented player whose actions have already showcased leadership qualities on the pitch. 

“I was talking to Xavi one time before Gavi got injured and Xavi told me that this is Gavi’s team, and he said Gavi was already a leader,” added Balague.

What makes Gavi a future captain?

Balague and Xavi discussed a specific incident where Gavi demonstrated his readiness for a leadership role.

According to Xavi, Gavi took it upon himself to confront some of the team’s key players who were not performing up to their usual standards. 

Gavi is seen as Barcelon’s future captain. (Photo by David Ramos/Getty Images)

At the manager’s request, Gavi addressed the situation, expressing his concerns and urging the players to improve their performance.

“Xavi remembered a story that when Gavi started playing as a starter. He respected the hierarchy of the team.

“During one of the matches he went up to Xavi and told him: ‘These three players are not doing their job, talk to them.’

“Xavi told Gavi: ‘You tell them that.'”

“I won’t tell you the names, but all three are great players. Gavi reprimanded them, and from that moment on, everything changed.

“It made them disciplined. This is the type of leader the club is currently missing,” he revealed.

This act of standing up to senior players and helping the team maintain high standards is what made Gavi stand out as a future captain. 

His ability to enforce discipline and hold his teammates accountable demonstrated his natural leadership potential. 

This particular encounter illustrated Gavi’s potential to become a central figure in Barcelona’s future, showing the traits of a captain even at his young age.

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