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Super League update: Barcelona to hold meeting to discuss the ESL on June 20th



Photo via Imago

Despite being initially reported that Barcelona will hold a meeting and consequently a referendum to discuss the largely infamous European Super League on July 4th new updates have come to the forefront. According to the documents signed by Barcelona and relayed by Mundo Deportivo, Barcelona’s participation in the league is subject to the approval of the socis, which needs to be held by June 30th. As such, the date of the general assembly to discuss the league has been preponed to 20 June.

Barcelona and other teams across the three leagues that joined the Super League were heavily criticised for their decision to join the league. Protests were organised, matches boycotted, memes made, and eventually, the idea succumbed; for nine clubs anyway. Real Madrid, Juventus, and unfortunately, Barcelona decided to remain a part of it, hoping to reach a conclusion with UEFA and the other clubs.

Joan Laporta explained his decision to given the green flag to the ESL by saying, “The European Super League was already advanced when we took charge. For Barça, it was important to be involved. Barça will never be left out when it comes to new movements in the world of football.”

Despite agreeing to the idea, he said that the final decision will be left to the approval of members: “After reviewing all the documents, we decided to stay in it but only with the reservation of the approval of the socis.”

(Most) Football fans can now hope for a better future for football as the referendum for the European Super League edges near. With Barcelona pulling out, Real Madrid and Juventus will be left with little to no choice.

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