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Solitude and the pain of not being able to say goodbye



Solitude, loneliness, emptiness…Emotions that are antagonistic to those we would like to feel when losing someone special to us, but that have been provoked in thousands of people by the coronavirus.

Header Image by Richard Heathcote via Getty Images

The best way to ease emotional pain is by sharing the hard time with others, by finding comfort in other people’s backing. Sadly, though, the worst thing about the coronavirus situation precisely is not being able to say goodbye to the loved ones and to split these emotions. With the strict, and completely justifiable, measures for social distancing, barriers have been put over feelings. Thousands of people around the world have seen how they have lost a loved member of their families, but haven’t been allowed to share their sadness with their parents, their brothers or their cousins suffering the same agony. Hugging is not permitted, attending the funeral is in most cases forbidden too, and a phone call or an exchange of looks two metres apart is an excessively empty and cruel solution.

As we grew up, we had always been said that, no matter what happened, we would always have our families by our side. However, on this occasion consolation cannot even be found on the proximity of the relatives. Togetherness, intimacy and affection have been replaced by emptiness, coldness and isolation. Most fortunate people have only had to struggle with boredom or the absence of football during quarantine and self-isolation, but, by contrast, thousands of other people have been living a nightmare not even the most fatalistic of us could have predicted. There’s no more terrifying experience than facing silence and solitude when you need others’ warmth.

Pep Guardiola coronavirus emotions

Hard times for a very loved man in the Barcelona community: Pep Guardiola | Photo by David Ramos via Getty Images 

And those people who have suffered the coronavirus in their own eyes are not as distant as we first imagined. As the virus first broke out, people from outside China still thought it was something too remote and faraway to affect us. Or, if not, that we were young and healthy enough to combat it. Nonetheless, reality has caught us until it has been too late. The coronavirus has been getting closer and closer. From an isolated disease, to a threat to our country, to a deadly pandemic that has arrived to our community. Some of our loved ones are already being victims of the COVID–19.

For culés, and for many football fans overall, a forever adored personality is none other than Pep Guardiola. Therefore, the news of the death of Pep’s mother, Dolors Sala Carrió, in Manresa, Barcelona, at 82 years of age after contracting coronavirus, has made us all pause for a minute. In these times of loneliness and emptiness, we must do our best to share our comfort. Like with everyone who has lost an important piece of their lives lately, we want to share our deepest condolences to Pep and his mother’s relatives and friends. If football can be something, at least, let it be a family. Let us all be united.

Rest in peace, Dolors.

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