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Ronald Araujo talks Cubarsi, Lamine, Fort, Guiu, La Masia, Barcelona future, Camp Nou



Photo by Eric Alonso/Getty Images

Ronald Araujo is a leader at Barcelona and when he speaks, he sounds like one. In an interview with Catalunya Radio, the Uruguayan expressed his pleasure with the players coming in from La Masia.

The central defender spoke particularly about Pau Cubarsi and the fine season he is having, explaining that what the 17-year-old is doing is spectacular.

He said that while fans are only aware of his talent on the field, his personality and his character off the field are amazing too.

“What Pau is doing is spectacular. And not only because of the football he’s showing, which is what people see. But it’s also spectacular what he does outside of games.”

“He is a young man with a great desire to train and who also pays a lot of attention to recovery. Usually, young players do not wait for these things but Pau is. I find it very important,” he added.

Speaking further, the 25-year-old said that he is very happy to see how the team is being operated especially given all the financial constraints. Amidst this, he put a great emphasis on La Masia and the importance of players coming from the academy.

“I am very happy for him and for the club because, in the current economic context, it is very important that players come from La Masia. They are young people who show that they are more than ready. 

Ronald Araujo is happy at Barcelona. (Photo by Alex Caparros/Getty Images)

“He [Pau], Lamine, Hector Fort, and Marc Guiu have been practising the same way of playing, the same values ​​for years and you can tell when they reach the top, even if they are young,” he explained.

Speaking on his future and Spotify Camp Nou

It is no secret that Araujo is arguably the most wanted central defender across the continent. Bayern Munich’s interest in the 25-year-old is widely evident, but the player has asserted that he and his family are very happy in Barcelona. 

“My family and I are very happy in Barcelona and I always show it every time I wear this shirt. And I will do so until the last day I’m here. I will always give one hundred percent. I don’t see myself outside of Barça.”

Lastly, when asked between zero to hundred how much he wants to play again at Spotify Camp Nou, he said,

“One hundred! I’m very excited to play there. It’s a dream. Playing at Camp Nou will be spectacular again.”

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