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Rivaldo: “Perhaps Neymar already knows PSG are talking with Messi”

Alexandre Patanian



Photo by Jon Olav Nesvold via Imago

Neymar spoke following PSG’s 3-1 win against Manchester United. The winger said that he wishes to play with Lionel Messi next year, and ever since, the rumors started to build up.

Barcelona legend Rivaldo spoke with Betfair this Friday, tackling the news surrounding Messi’s future at Barça. The rumors regarding the Argentine’s move to Paris have opened many mouths, and Rivaldo was surely going to speak on the matter. The Brazilian is notorious for sharing his thoughts on the situation:

“It would be great to see Messi and Neymar playing together again. I don’t think Neymar’s comments were an accident. Perhaps he already knows PSG are talking with Messi”

“I think Messi is looking for a new challenge. I will be sad if he leaves Barcelona but it seems like this should be his last season at the club”

Rivaldo | Betfair

Rivaldo favors his compatriot’s return to the Camp Nou a lot, as 6 months ago when similar rumors came up, he stated that Barcelona could use ‘Dembélé in bargaining with PSG over Neymar’.

Rivaldo’s point should be taken seriously when he says that the 29-year-old might know something before making his request to play with Messi. The legend should know how the club is run from the inside, as he was part of it for five years.

If Culés were to see Messi leaving his beloved club, it would hurt a lot, especially when he arguably is leaving a sinking ship behind. Let’s hope that the Argentine legend can make the best decision for both his career and his beloved club.

Note: URL to the original article for the quote is excluded, due to being originally a gambling website. The article can be found under Rivaldo’s profile on Betfair: Rivaldo Exclusive: Fred must learn to control his temper after sending off

As a Lebanese teenager who never had the chance to support their local team, I fell in love with the club that was FC Barcelona at the start of the decade. I always was passionate about writing and this is exactly what I am looking for: sharing my insights and opinions on football.


Barça News

Report: Former Barcelona president Josep Bartomeu has been arrested

Udhav Arora



Photo by Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/Getty Images

Barcelona has always been a host of controversy in the world of football, but in breaking and shattering news, former president Josep Maria Bartomeu has been arrested owing to his involvement in the BarçaGate scandal. Additionally, the Chief Executive Officer of the club, Oscar Grau, former adviser to the presidency Jaume Masferrer, and head legal counsel Roman Gomez Ponti have also been arrested by the Catalan police.

The BarçaGate scandal occurred during Bartomeu’s time at the club where the administration was suspected of paying PR company I3 ventures to clean up the image of Bartomeu online while disparaging the image of current and former players that played under the infamous president.

Initially, both Barça and I3 had denied the allegations and a report following an audit conducted by PrincewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) found that the club did not take part in any defamatory campaigns against any individual. The company also found no evidence of financial corruption or money laundering done by the president and his board.

However, it seems the tables have been turned on their head today. The Catalan police arrived at the Camp Nou offices this morning to search for documentation in connection with the BarçaGate investigation. They left the offices half an hour ago and arrived at the house of Josep Bartomeu and arrested him from there.

Source: RAC1

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