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Revealed – Key reason why Barcelona prefer Hansi Flick over other managers



Photo by Alex Grimm/Getty Images

Adrian Sanchez, a well-connected journalist from Catalonia, has shared some exclusive insights with Barça Universal about Hansi Flick’s stance on joining FC Barcelona. 

According to the reporter, Flick is fully aware of the club’s current state and is ready to follow the plans laid out by the club’s sports staff.

He understands Barcelona’s financial difficulties and is open to working within those constraints and for what it is worth, he has shown a willingness to adapt to the club’s economic situation.

Barcelona are currently facing a difficult time, and there is no clear end in sight. However, this does not mean that football activities will come to a halt and Flick is fully aware of the situation.

He understands that Barcelona are in a position where they will need to make some tough decisions, which might include selling some of their best players.

Despite these challenges, Flick has expressed his interest in joining Barcelona.

A meeting between the parties

Previously, there was a meeting in London between Barcelona’s sporting director, the football area coordinator, Flick, and his representative. 

This meeting left a positive impression on all parties involved as the discussions went smoothly, fostering a sense of optimism within Barcelona.

During the meeting, they discussed Barcelona’s future project, particularly focusing on the young talents who have recently made a significant impact on the first team. 

Hansi Flick only wants to join Barcelona. (Photo by Alex Grimm/Getty Images)

They also talked about the terms of Flick’s potential contract and the club’s financial issues. The German was informed that he would need to manage with a tight budget.

Flick wants to join Barcelona

Despite these financial limitations, Flick has agreed to these conditions and is now waiting for Barcelona to make him an official offer.

Barcelona, meanwhile, seem to be ahead in the process and are well aware of what Flick wants if he becomes the head coach. 

Although details have not been disclosed, the club has a clear understanding of Flick’s expectations.

Flick, who has already turned down an offer from Chelsea in anticipation of Barcelona’s decision, is eager for the club to finalize their decision soon. He hopes that Barcelona won’t delay and that an announcement will be made imminently.

In summary, Flick, who has previously coached Bayern Munich and the German national team, is ready to take on the challenges at Barcelona, understanding the financial constraints and aligning with the club’s vision for the future. 

Both sides seem to be on the same page, with Barcelona close to making their move.

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