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Report – Why FC Barcelona officials are unhappy with Xavi



Photo by Eric Alonso/Getty Images

Things are getting progressively worse at Barcelona. Just a week ago, the club’s management was fully supportive of Xavi, but things have taken a turn since his pre-match press conference before the game against Almeria on Wednesday.

The atmosphere has changed dramatically for the manager and reports have confirmed that his words have caused massive backlash over his continuity at the club.

Adding to the story, journalist Aleix Parise, speaking through Catalunya Radio, has added more details to the situation. He reports that within the team, there is a feeling that, despite the club’s financial problems, they have made an effort to build a strong squad. 

The upper management believes that the team’s potential has not been fully utilized and that there is enough talent to achieve better results.

“From the club, they consider that despite the economic situation, an effort has been made to have a good squad,” said Parise. 

The managers think that the team has not been fully exploited and that there is quality to achieve better results.”

Management has lost faith in Xavi

Xavi is expected to be sacked by Barcelona. (Photo by JOSEP LAGO/AFP via Getty Images)

At this moment, the club’s leadership thinks that, even with their economic struggles, they have assembled a group of players capable of performing at a higher level. 

They are of the idea that despite the challenges faced in the past, the current roster is quite competitive as it is. What they feel is lacking is the manager’s incapability to churn the best out of the squad. 

The board feels that the team is underperforming and that the quality of the squad should be leading to better outcomes on the field.

Barcelona are facing growing challenges. Over the past few hours, support for Xavi from the club’s management has waned since his comments. 

Inside the club, there is a belief that the team, despite financial constraints, has the potential to do much better, but at the same time, they feel the players’ abilities are not being fully tapped into, and this is contributing to the disappointing results.

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